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It is the Councils duty to do the following:

(a) regulate and control the practice of architecture;
(b) be responsible for registering professional architects; 54 Acts 2011
(c) be responsible for authorising foreign architects to practise architecture in Mauritius;
(d) exercise and maintain discipline in the profession –
(i) in relation to a professional architect who is appointed by the Public Service Commission, in respect of whom the Council holds a delegated power, to the extent and within the limits of that delegation of power; and
(ii) in relation to any other architect;
(e) ensure that the Code of Practice is complied with by architects;
(f) disseminate literature, in connection with new construction techniques, technology and materials, or any other related matter, to architects;
(g) provide technical assistance to architects;
(h) co-operate with any other institution having objects wholly or partly similar to those of the Council;
(i) organise or cause to be organised Continuous Professional Development programmes or any other programmes, courses, lectures, seminars or conferences for the purposes of professional assessment of professional architects;
(j) publish an annual list of professional architects;
(k) keep a record of its proceedings and decisions;
(l) enrol trainee and student architects;
(m) promote the advancement of architecture;
(n) advise the Minister on any matter relating to the profession.

In order to practice Architecture in Mauritius you must register with us and pay a yearly fee. For more information regarding the registration process click here.

The list of registered architects in Mauritius is updated yearly upon renewal of fees.

To browse all available literature regarding architecture can be found here.